Zarine is a facilitator for guided sound meditation and energy healing. She plays the gongs, singing bowls and other sound instruments. Zarine continues to study the ‘way of the gong’ with Grand Gong Master, Don Conreaux, who was formerly known as Baba Don and Guru Jagat. Master Don was one of the five original Kundalini yoga teachers designated by Yogi Bhajan in 1969. She facilitates gong meditation sessions all over the UAE, England, France, San Diego, Karachi and Kuwait.


During the gong meditation you sit or lie down comfortably with eyes shut, whilst being taken through a guided meditation journey of breathing and deep relaxation. The ancient, soulful sounds of the gongs gently guide you on a healing inner journey, allowing you to be present in the “now” of the sound. It’s in this beautiful space that you can transform and heal, because the sound of the gong is an ideal tool for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system, releasing tension,emotional blockages, pain and fear. It balances the body, mind and spirit and brings you back into a state of harmony, peace, balance and health. 

“I experienced gong meditation for the first time in Dubai with Zarine. It was a truly transformative and joyful experience. It awakened dormant energy in my body that was so powerful. Zarine is a beautiful loving facilitator of this and other amazing sound healing techniques. Her energy, kindness, soothing voice and manner allowed me to deeply connect and relax.”

Martin McNicholl, Business Owner.

I started gong meditation during my first pregnancy. It helped me through my pregnancy to remain peaceful and strong. Whenever I don’t feel aligned with myself, I would feel better, deeply connected, rooted and healed after a gong meditation. It restored positivity and balance.”

Ashwinee Rahim, Architect.

“Every time I attend a gong meditation session, I enter a magical world that transforms  me internally. I was even told I looked different after a session: calmer, lighter and balanced. I have more control over my feelings and I see things in a different light. I have grown less impatient with everyday issues. I enter into a peaceful loving state where I gain clarity and calmness through the beauty of the sounds delivered with the utmost passion by this wonderful woman Zarine.”

Hanan Hirst-Gregorowicz, Dentist.

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