Everything is in a state of vibration including our bodies. Each organ and system vibrates to a certain note and frequency, furthermore this radiates in specific light and colour. As we are made of more than 70 per cent water, sound can be beneficial for the body, mind and spirit. Just by surrendering to the sound flow, our bodies pick up naturally what is needed to reach the perfect state of balance and inner peace.


Simonanda is an internationally known sound artist and life coach. She has learned the ancient tradition of fine tuning the body through the art of sound vibration using her voice, tuned crystal bowls, clear quartz sound pyramids, Tibetan bowls, and planetary and symphonic gongs. As a certified therapist, she’s works with therapeutic grade essential oils which are a solid integrated part of her technique of balancing.


The clear quartz crystal bowls and sound pyramids that she uses are made of pure clear quartz sand. Each bowl is a healing instrument tuned to one specific tone (like F major) that stretches from a halftone lower to a halftone higher, corresponding to the seven chakras of our body.


In the beginning of a group session you are guided into a grounded meditative state from where the sound journey will start. After bathing in the dimension of healing sound on your own, you will be gently guided back, grounded and centred again. It is a balancing, strengthening and harmonious journey, which releases emotional blockages and heals from deep inside.

One month before the crystal healing session I developed stiff muscles above my quadriceps. I tried to stretch it out by doing yoga, but it didn’t help. It was my first crystal sound healing concert with Simonana and I was curious with an open mind. After the concert, I became aware of my body and the problem area felt much better – I had at least 50 per cent more mobility than before the concert. After a good night’s sleep (healing the body happens best in our sleep) it had healed 80 per cent; a week later I was 95 per cent mobile.

Sharon Gilbert, Manager.

It took a while to relax and focus because my mind was filled with thoughts and it was difficult to switch off. But as soon as my mind relaxed, I drifted off and time seemed to pass very quickly. I became more conscious after realising I was breathing very heavily (almost snoring!). I also felt electric tingles in my hands and forearms.

Daniel Lewis, Businessman.

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