From a young age Rob’n was interested in alternative healing. Her curiosity and enthusiasm has lead her on an ever-evolving road of helping clients and students to find healing and alignment in their lives. Rob’n is the founder of TouchPro Europe massage institute. She  has been  practicing and teaching bodywork and energy healing for more than 20 years in different countries in Europe and Asia. She was born in Shreveport Louisiana, USA and currently resides in Rotterdam, Holland, for the last 30 years.


Rob’n is a practitioner of many massage and wellness modalities, ranging from aromatherapy to Bach flower remedies and sport massage. She is a skilled expert in Japanese Anma full body (table) massage, and Anma chair massage, which she introduced to the Netherlands. This massage involves stroking, kneading, pressure, vibration, percussion, and squeezing techniques. The therapy comes from ancient China and is at least 7000 years old. Over the years Anma has influenced the birth of many other forms of massage such as Shiatsu, Tuina and Swedish massage. Anma therapy is based on the principles of oriental medicine.


The treatment is a full body massage which works with acupressure points on the energy meridians. This massage uses a special pulsing technique making it highly effective, but also using stretching and percussions to stimulate and balance the energy meridians. You feel refreshed, relaxed and your joints and muscles feel supple. It stimulates circulation, boosts the immune system, releases toxins, clears the head and people say that it feels uplifting and makes them feel happy. As the masseur works with energy meridians, not only are the muscles treated, but the organs of the body are also influenced to help prevent stagnation and create more flow and balance within the body.


Rob’n studied  Chinese medicine at Ching Bai Academy of Chinese Medicine, and medical Qi Gong at Sheng Zhou University in Amsterdam. In the field of energetic healing,  Rob’n is a Reiki master and teacher in the Usui system of natural healing.  She has been certified as a trainer of the Yuen method of energetics. In her practice, among other methods, she also uses access consciousness and matrix energetics to help her clients restore health and happiness.

I met Rob’n at a wellness  fair.  It was getting close to the end of the day and I had developed a raging migraine and knew I couldn’t drive home like this.I walked passed her stand looking to see if I could get a massage or something to help.Her colleague said that he thought  Rob’n could help me, and she would be back from giving a workshop in about fifteen minutes. When she arrived I was laying on a massage table trying to keep the light out of my eyes. Rob’n gave me an energy treatment, which lasted about half an hour.  She found and worked  on the energetic cause of the pain, and my migraine was gone! That evening I was safely able to drive home. What surprised me the most is that after having regularly suffered with migraines for many years, I haven’t had one since that day at least a year ago. I feel very grateful  that I happened to walk by her stand that day.

L. Van Houwelingen, Wellness Coach.

K. de Klein-Verstraten, Pharmacist’s Assistant.

On the last day of my ski vacation I had an accident, injuring my knee, and I wasn’t able to walk without crutches. After arriving home, I went to the doctor and got X-rays. It turned out that a muscle in the back of my knee had torn loose from the bone, along with a piece of the bone attached. He scheduled a surgery for a couple of weeks later.  My knee was very painful and Rob’n suggested that she might be able to help with the pain. Toward the end of the session she asked how the pain level was and I said, “It’s better, but I just feel really relaxed.”  I was happy I had tried it but I only noticed a big difference the next morning; I got out of bed and was surprised that I could walk without any pain. I tested my knee and I could do everything I could before the accident, it felt cured! A week later I had an appointment with the doctor to discuss the scheduled surgery, and they took another x-ray. When he looked at the X-rays of my knee he said it he had never seen anything like it before. The piece of bone that broke away with the muscle had reattached itself perfectly. No surgery necessary!

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