Mindfulness Pregnancy for
Mums-to-be: Pilates & Soul Nourishment

H Retreats Partners with Marianne TAFANI, Dubai’s renowned pReGNANCY Pilates specialist

What you will get from the day:

  • Work on areas like strength and stabilising the joints so you can be pregnancy-ailment-free.

  • Work on your booty, legs, mid back, arms and deep abs.

  • Get to do a pelvic floor workout, and understand the importance of the pelvis for the birth.

  • Learn about nutrition, from gut health (so the baby inherits a healthy microbiome) to understanding how diet can help manage your emotions and reduce stress.

  • Enjoy a massage and use of the spa facilities.

  • Have a healthy three-course lunch at Vibe restaurant.

  • Relax and connect with your baby with a gentle meditation session.

  • Get guidance from a doula who will suggest ways to make your pregnancy, birth and post-birth as smooth as possible.

The programme:

09:30 a.m
Arrival, welcome greeting and introduction to the day.

 09:45 a.m - 10:45 a.m
 “Nourish Your Gut” – Learn the essentials to nourish both the mother and child through pregnancy. Nutritionalist Victoria Tipper shows us the importance of gut health during pregnancy. We’ll discuss the importance of having a healthy microbiome and how that impacts your child’s health as they get older, with regards to allergies such as food intolerances, digestive issues and conditions like asthma.


10:45 a.m - 11:45 a.m
A 60-minute “Tone and Protect” Pilates session will focus on strengthening and stabilising the joints, working on your booty, legs, mid back and deep abs. End with a 10-minute breathing practice.


11:45 a.m - 12:15 p.m
Experience a “grounding” meditation to release stress. Balance your energy centres and connect with your child through a guided meditation with Reiki healer Hershey.

Event Details

Date: 27th April, 2019
Location: The Retreat Palm Dubai

                MGallery By Sofitel
TIme: 09:30 a.m - 05:20 p.m
AED 880

12:30 p.m - 02:00 p.m
Have a healthy three-course lunch – vegan, gluten free, paleo and vegetarian friendly.


02:30 p.m - 03:00 p.m
“One-on-one with our doula Yasmin.” What is a doula and how can they help support you during your pregnancy and birth? Statistically, those who have doulas experience a shorter labour, less stress, and reduced cesarean sections. Statistically, those with doulas also have minimal forceps and vacuum deliveries. It’s time to find out why…

03:00 p.m - 03:30 p.m
Pilates instructor Marianne Tafani explains about the importance of your pelvic floor during pregnancy. By tightening it, it can create a longer labour and complications during childbirth. Learn how to make it elastic for birth and post pregnancy.

03:30 p.m - 04:30 p.m
Do a “Pelvic Floor Pilates Workout.” Practice strengthening and releasing drills, with an emphasis on releasing the pelvic floor muscles.

04:30 p.m - 05:20 p.m
Enjoy a 25-minute spa massage, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and use of the oxygen relaxation room.

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