Lukas Putz is a spiritual response therapy (SRT) practitioner based in Dubai. SRT is a powerful spiritual method of healing that works with your muscle response to bypass your limited conscious capacity and connect with the subconscious guidance within. Through a set of special charts and a pendulum, clients will clear any energy blockages, imbalances and disharmony in order to resolve any situation in life, from personal matters to business concerns.


SRT can get to the root of a problem or repetitive issue in life. Using the charts and a pendulum, Lukas finds the patterns of negative energy, whether in past, present or future lives removes or “clears” this energy from your Akashic records, releases pain and restores harmony. The effect of this work is amazingly profound. The negative energy you held on an event is cleared and this can produce amazing changes in your life.


Through SRT he can research and clear old vows, past life programming, repeat patterning etc and remove and clear the blocks. When soul records contain only positive energies you can move forward in all areas – still having to face life’s challenges because your soul continues to learn and grow – but being able to deal with them much more easily.


Lukas dedicates his time to travelling around the world facilitating private consultations, SRT training programs, and empowerment seminars. He has 10 years experience in personal development training and has thousands of clients from across the globe. He also has a range of 100 per cent organic, raw, gluten-free, lactose free and sugar free confectionary called Lifefood. He distributes alkaline products and programs for weight loss, detox, wellbeing and body care from the renowned German brand P. Jentschura in the UAE and Middle East.

I was guided to  have an appointment with Lukas a while ago, not having any idea or deep information about SRT – I just wanted to experience a session. To my great surprise I received an amazing healing! As he was working on the areas I wanted him to address, I could feel the energetic and emotional changes and shifts in the moment. It was incredible. I felt much lighter, more aligned and at peace. I decided to follow up with more sessions, which had the same results. Lukas is a very intuitive, compassionate, knowledgeable therapist. He is full of heart and integrity. I felt at ease with him.

Sofia H.,Flight Attendant

I did a spiritual response session about a year ago with Lukas.  Of course I was hesitant at first, but a good friend referred him me. He helped shift something major inside me – fears, doubts, worries into calm, peaceful understanding.  He removed major blockages from my life, that plagued me for years.  It was a life changing experience. Highly recommended!

Jesse O., Writer & Producer.

Lukas and SRT have changed my life. I met Lukas at my lowest low and as determined as I was to get out of the slump I was in, he was equally determined to get me out of it and that´s what I found unique about him.  Piece by piece we chipped away on what was bringing me down and made way for a better version of myself to take control.  SRT isn´t a crutch but a tool to bring out the best in us and Lukas Putz is brilliant at it.

Sherna N., Housewife & Mother.

I have known Lukas for serval years and benefited enormously from his ability to remove blockages between myself and others, be it past girlfriends to initiations from councils to banks. He even helped me open channels to achieve an impossible mortgage refinancing. He removed a lot of hatred from a past relationship, which was causing me a lot of problems. I recommend him highly to help clear any difficulty which traditional means are unable to deal with. He works in the spiritual realm, and is able to redirect the strings which operate on our level. He is able to trace issues back to past lives to help understand why they have returned before cleaning everything. He has also become a terrific friend, I recommend him very highly.

Matthew W., Businessman.

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