Fady is a professional energy healer, spiritual coach, meditation specialist, artist and intuitive card reader. He received his early esoteric teachings at the age of 11, ultimately practicing different hand healing techniques naturally. He went on later to study more about philosophy, psychology and the human body before graduating from the Lebanese University of Beaux-Arts with a degree in Interior

Design, adding painting, photography and graphic design to his creative skills.


Fady’s practice in deep meditation, following different schools, is clearly reflected in his life and teachings, believing in the higher soul and the awakening of the subconscious. Following no one in particular and believing in all, ‘unity in diversity’ and ‘no right or wrong’ comes to underlie his knowledge. Fady developed his own healing techniques relying more on the dynamics of the breath, the pulse and the light in order to heal the whole and not just the obvious, bringing harmony back to the body using the intelligence of the cells’ memory.


Fady studied theta healing, reiki, pranic healing, quantum touch, angel therapy, Qi-gong, and past life regression. Combining the best practices of all these therapies Fady’s spiritual guidance will help you determine your life path and journey, allowing you to overcome life’s challenges. Working on your inner mind, body and soul, touching your core beliefs, channeling your own energy will put you in a state of awareness where you can live at peace with your life purpose, meeting your journey with positivity and enjoying the ride.

Lucille Korwin, Graphic Designer.

Jasmina, Boutique Owner.

“I had an incident of very deep dog bite on my wrist in a way that I was able to see deep inside my hand. I can’t explain how Fady, by keeping his tip fingers on my wound and giving energy, was able to heal the wound within 15 minutes. After, all I could see was a scratch. It was unbelievable!”

“Fady is an exceptional healer that works on many levels from the physical to the spiritual and I always leave a session feeling like my soul has been touched by his kindness. He is the first healer that I have come across that is able to address any given concern problem or pain on all levels including emotional, energetic and psychological. His words of wisdom and profound insights have brought an inner calmness to my often overactive mind. His kindness has helps to mend my broken heart, and his healing hands and energy work have left me feeling light and radiating.”

“After a very tough year of treatment for breast cancer, followed by a relationship breakdown, my energy and spirit were very low. After just one healing session with Fady I felt a positive shift in both mind and body; I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Fady is both a dedicated healer and a remarkable human being; he has the ability to work intuitively and is passionate about helping others. My life has been blessed since we crossed paths.”

Charlotte Robineau, Clinical Psychologist.

“Most people do not believe in miracles, but I have seen it first-hand performed by Fady. He changed my life and healed my soul. He brought me back to life and uplifted my spirits. I will always be grateful for this.”

Sepideh Stella, Gas & Oil. 

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