Daniela Nikolova is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence Guide, Intuitive Personal and Business Advisor who combines her knowledge and natural gifts in different therapies and healing modalities, serving a purpose of helping those who seek more balance, deeper awareness and alignment on all levels and areas of their lives.


Back in 2008 Daniela was faced with numerous health challenges. That was her "wake up" call from the Universe, a turning point when she discovered her life purpose and passion for making a difference into the world through first experiencing a healing and freedom within herself. She sees that phase as a blessing giving her the gift of unconditional love, compassion, strong faith, perseverance and grace. The gift of living a life of authenticity and purpose. 


Her down-to-Earth, honest, compassionate approach, guides people back to their hearts where they have the opportunity to reconnect within, and remember their true essence. She assists people to grow through understanding their emotions, the messages they bring through different bodily sensations, mental and spiritual  experiences, and the messages behind  them. If you have a problem, blockage or concern, she'll guide you with the help of "Divine" assistance. Daniela will help you find a solution by being fully present, lifting you up to a place of awareness where you feel free, empowered and loved. 


Passionate about contribution and currently involved in different projects, her voice was globally heard when she became the narrator of  the 12.12.15 Global Meditation, created to Raise the Collective Consciousness by The Master Shift Non-profit organisation and later featured in the documentary “Awaken.” She was also featured one of the top spiritual leader in Visionary Insight Press’ Spiritual Leaders Directory 2018 by Lisa Hardwick. 




My session with Daniela was magical. She has a gentle way of creating a sacred space for the magic to happen, and then inviting the creative inside to play. Her way of teaching is natural and intuitive. As someone who has rarely painted, I was surprised by how smoothly the session went, like it was something I had been doing all along. After the session, I felt like I had broken through a wall that was holding me back from fully expressing the power of my heart. Deeply grateful for this gifted healer, mentor and friend.”


Suzanne Blake, Business Owner.

“Daniela is amazing and truly authentic. She’s very down-to-earth yet connected to the light. She connected brilliantly to my guides and original truth. She is blessed with divine intuition and is a great guide to spiritual seekers and especially in the incubation period! God bless you, Daniela!”

Nahla, Editor.

“During a reading, when Daniela connects to the Akashic Records, the knowing flows with ease and brings a greater awareness to the client. Daniela is truly an earth-angel among the living.”

Nicole Haimari, Designer & Artist.

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