Victoria Tepper 


Victoria has a degree in genetics and a Master in Human Nutrition.


She’s also known as a GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) practitioner using a protocol which focuses on the link between physical and mental health for children and adults.

The GAPS protocol implements proper nutrition and detoxification for the treatment of many conditions such as mood disturbances, autoimmunity, autism spectrum, ADHD, severe digestive issues and learning disabilities. Victoria is also an NLP practitioner, hypnotist and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practitioner.


She helps clients eliminate limiting beliefs, let go of negative emotions and deal with traumas.

“What we put into our bodies has a direct impact on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. I met Victoria at a juncture in my life when I was struggling to find a balance in my daily life having been diagnosed with a vast number of food intolerances and impaired immunity. She brought together her knowledge and a great understanding of food and health. The lifestyle changes, supplements recommended, thoughtfully devised meal plans helped in laying the foundation for sound nutrition and good healthy eating practices.”


Shabana, Entrepreneur

“I saw her at a time when I needed a vital transformation in my life.  At that time I felt like I had lost the feeling of accomplishments, I was running on very low self-esteem, and had a feeling of lack of appreciation.  I also was anxious due to difficult & challenging circumstances I’ve been through. She helped me see things in a different way; she showed me how to use the proper tools to look at life in a more positive way.  This in turn reduced my anxiety & taught me how to face difficulties in a more relaxed manner. 

Haya, Mother

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