Ania started practicing the Zhong Yuan Qigong system 10 years ago; it is a system that is thousands of years old. She’s a certified Qigong instructor and a personal student of Grand Master Xu Mingtang, who comes from an ancient Shamanic and Kungfu family closely associated with the Shaolin monastery and is one of the foremost teachers and healers in Chinese medicine today. Ania has participated twice in the Shaolin advanced training programs under his guidance.


Qigong, (also spelled Chi Kung), is a powerful multiple level system of healing and energy work, originating over 7,000 years ago in China.  It is the art and science of using energy, breathing techniques, gentle movements, and meditations with visualisation to cultivate, activate, and work with your life energy Qi (Chi). 


Qigong practice leads to better health and vitality and a more tranquil state of mind. At the very root, it promotes self-healing, restoring the body to its balanced original healthy form, shedding stress, pollution, and diseases. It is a spiritual practice free from any religious beliefs or ideology, that’s why it is suitable for anyone, no matter which religion or cultural background you are.   


Zhong Yuan Qigong helps you focus on self-development and self-empowerment, on all the levels: physical, energetic and spiritual. It’s said that a person who feels harmony between himself and his environment is always successful professionally and personally. Qigong practice will help awaken and open up for self-realisation and create balance between the internal and external world.


Ania is a unique spiritual and professional healer, instructor and counsellor, with her wide knowledge, various corporate experiences and sincere passion, she supports clients during their journey to self-discovery and healing. Ania is also qualified  theta healer and hypnotherapist. She works with clients, helping them to heal the physical, mental and emotional traumas, find the balance and get empowered.

I was so lucky to attend her Qigong training classes, meditation, and healing sessions. Learning and practicing Qigong levels 1, 2 and 3 were uplifting, enlightening and transforming experiences. Meditation and healing sessions were very successful interventions to handle uneasy challenges, overcome a lot of heavy burdens and find inner peace.

Ahmed, Self-Improvement Trainer.

Working with Ania on energy healing and learning how to meditate has been one of the best learnings of my life. Ania is an experienced teacher and a very instinctive and compassionate healer, I would recommend her sessions with anyone who is seeking to further his or her spiritual journey, or is keen on learning more about adapting to change or challenges. 

Sneh, Senior Brand Manager.

Ania’s Qi Gong courses and personal healing sessions have helped me to enhance my wellbeing and self-awareness. She has an amazing ability to identify the root cause of any physical or psychological symptom – and then address it with a pragmatic energy based solution.  She is gifted with a powerful intuitive ability.  Every session with her is a profound experience – and provides perspective and wisdom.

Arjun Aiyar, Business Owner.

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