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In over twenty years, Angela has developed her skills as a holistic healer through a wide range of modalities.  She is passionate about craniosacral therapy as it offers her the opportunity to treat a wide range of conditions encompassing all systems of the body, physical as well as emotional. She graduated from the College of Craniosacral Therapy in London and she’s an advanced level PSTEC™ practitioner as well as having training in kinesiology and dorn therapy.

As for the technique, craniosacral therapy has a touch that is so light there is no stressful manipulation involved, no harm can possibly be done and it is not the practitioner who decides what needs treating, it is the clients own in-built system. Her intuitive skills provide a unique opportunity for the body and mind to regain their natural rhythms and positive energies.

Clients who have had back pain, TMJ issues, insomnia, injuries to joints, foot and leg pain and discomfort resulting from all kinds of accidents including horse-riding and car accidents, have reported back that their pain either went or was reduced dramatically. Angela said: “I have seen women who have suffered physical and mental trauma in war zones, people suffering from depression, executives stressed by their high-powered jobs as well as airport workers working long hours, all responding positively to the light, intuitive treatment. I have treated new born babies to 90 year olds.”

“I came to Angela having never tried craniosacral therapy before. My biggest issues were skin reactions, heightened sensitivity, digestive disorders and hormonal imbalances, which all had a detrimental impact on my body and quality of life. Angela has an incredibly calming presence. Being in her presence and experiencing her ability to sense, feel and understand intricately how I felt, was far beyond any other practitioner I have met. Every word she exchanged during our session was as though she was experiencing my pain and fully connected to my body and emotions. I felt so safe and assured. After just one session I felt an immediate difference: calmness, ease and a sense of peace. My stomach was less inflamed and the bloating had subsided. Not only was I able to feel the instant results with Angela, but I was also blown away by her knowledge and understanding of homeopathy and other holistic therapies. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Lucy Hibburd, Human Resources.

“I’m 88 years old. I went to Angela feeling extremely shaky on my feet; after a very pleasant and relaxing treatment I felt totally different – I even forgot to use my walking stick, which I have had to use daily for more than a year. On another occasion, Angela treated me for a very painful and stiff shoulder.  She treated me for about an hour and after I found I no longer had any pain and could move my arm perfectly normally. I can highly recommend her amazing treatments.”

Elizabeth Lewis, Retired.

I came to Angela because she was recommended by a friend. I had pains in my knees, elbows and wrists for many years.  I am a polo player and have had a lot of injuries. I had never tried anything like this before and was frankly expecting something that was more like physiotherapy.  I felt quite irritated at first because it didn’t seem like she was doing anything just holding my feet.  She was able to tell me exactly where I had pain, she even pointed out some things that I hadn’t told her about. When I left I felt pretty relaxed, something had changed but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I slept really well that night and noticed over the course of the next few days that the pains in my joints went away.

J.H., Polo Player.

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