alejandro rost

yoga philosophy teacher

From a young age, Argentina-born, Alejandro Rost was interested and sensitive to subtle universal energies. As a young teenager, he left his hometown in Patagonia and went in search of the mysteries of life. After his initiation into tantric yoga meditation and intensive training in Brazil under Ananda Marga School, he arrived to Taiwan, in 1985, to learn the teachings of Master Hsiao Cheng Traditional Chinese Philosophical Medicine and Tui Na massage. By 1986, he begin leading a life of a monk, which lasted 11 years. He spent four years in a monastery in the north of West Bengal and Nepal where he polished his knowledge on meditation, yoga therapeutic science and tantra philosophy, intensively. During this time, he helped with social aid in various parts of the world including South America, South Asia and the European continent.

Simply put: Alejandro is passionate about self-health care, Oriental philosophy applied to modern living, empowering education and embracing the human potential. He holds global degrees in ACMOS Bio-Energetic, Cellular Intelligence, Naturopathy and Bio-Environment, and Stress Management. He is an international professor for SBJ International –Technical and Scientific Research Centre in Paris, France. 

Alejandro also spent several years working with guests at various luxury five-star properties in Europe, including Aman Resorts Sveti Stefan in Montenegro. He was the in-house specialist assisting high profile personalities, Hollywood celebrities and politicians from all over the world. Alejandro has inspired and treated many people during the years. Currently, he works as worldwide private master therapist. 

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