H stands for holistic, health and happiness: H Retreats is therapy for the soul.


More than just a relaxing holiday, this is a destination for physical, emotional and spiritual renewal. Set against the luxurious backdrop of stunning five-star resorts in exotic international locations, H Retreats helps you to release, rebalance and reconnect with your true self.


We work with global certified healers, guides, therapists, health and fitness experts to create bespoke programmes to comfort, strengthen and support you in your goals. You may be with us for just a few days, but the progress made with H Retreats will stay with you well beyond the time you board the plane home. It’s about longevity; we aim to enhance your quality of life for years to come by stimulating your mind, emotions and body in a short, intense burst. Think of it as a shot of serenity for the soul.


Your holistic journey starts here.



*We also cater for corporate or private events. Please contact us if you have any queries.

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